Sky and Wye

I’ve always loved M C Escher’s 1938 black-and-white illustration Sky And Water which featured birds on the wing whose surrounding spaces gradually merge to form the shapes of fish.

I remembered this when I was living close to the river Wye and each morning walked the river path, watching the various birds flying upstream: swans, herons, the occasional woodpecker and sometimes, if I was lucky, a kingfisher. As a fisherman I was also knowledgeable about the fish beneath the surface of the water: brown trout, dace, barbel and, of course, salmon.

This is my tip-of-the-hat to Escher, which I call Sky and Wye.

Available as an edition print.

Signed by Richard Evans. Edition size: 95. Giclée print. Printed by Old Forest Arts. Image size: 250 x 250mm. Paper size: 400 x 400mm.

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