Lawrence Ball – Method Music

Lawrence Ball collaborated with Pete Townshend on the opening track of The Who’s 2006 album Endless Wire, an electronic mathematical piece called ‘Fragments’. Lawrence composes electronic music using computer software called Visual Harmony created by himself and co-inventor Dave Snowdon. He also collaborated with Townshend and Dave Snowdon to set up a project called The Lifehouse Method, an internet site where applicants could ‘sit’ for an electronic musical portrait made up from personal data they enter into the website.

Method Music, was a precursor to The Lifehouse Method and consisted of pieces of music Lawrence created using data supplied by friends and acquaintances who had ‘sat’ for him. It was initially released on iTunes by Eel Pie Recordings, Pete Townshend’s record label, and later issued as a stand-alone CD by US indy label Navona Records. For the CD we used another of my other cover concepts.

Just as I did for the cover of Endless Wire, I designed both artworks using the Visual Harmony software, capturing many wonderful spacey images which I then further enhanced and added the text and logos to back at my studio.


Client: Eel Pie Recording Productions / Navona Records