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Oh, by the way, which one’s Pink?

Talking of things Floydian and the colour pink, this past summer I was working on  Pete Townshend’s three solo albums in his Scoop series which have all been reissued by Universal Music. The three sets, Scoop, Another Scoop and Scoop 3 include many of Pete’s original demo recordings which he made to present to the other three members of The Who, plus countless other songs which, until the release of the Scoop albums, had never seen the light of day.

In re-building the artworks for the new vinyl reissues I was given the choice of having them pressed on coloured heavyweight vinyl. These days the use of coloured vinyl has become increasingly popular and with recent technology doesn’t affect the sound quality one bit.

So, here is the new vinyl edition of Scoop in outrageous, glorious shocking pink. Another Scoop comes in bright yellow and Scoop 3 is in blue.

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