Louis Armstrong – Satchmo: Ambassador of Jazz

Satchmo: Ambassador of Jazz is probably one of the most lavish box sets I’ve ever designed,  a joy to work on – and it was a pleasant change from my usual diet of rock’n’roll album projects.

The outer box is an alligator-skin luggage case with handle and catches and adorned with travel decals and labels and embossed in gold-foil with the Satchmo logo – the whole idea being that this is Pops’ own personal case, the one he travelled the world with. Is it the case that holds his trumpet? Well, who knows. It could just be . . .


Satchmo: Ambassador of Jazz is a ten-CD box set which includes a hardback illustrated book, a track-by-track annotated booklet, several insert replicas of Satchmo’s own sheet music and scores from his personal archives, plus the ten CDs all housed in their own miniature period record sleeves.

Produced in association with the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, New York City.

A pocket-size four-CD cut-down version of Satchmo: Ambassador of Jazz was also released.

The 10 CDs and their respective sleeves . . .

The 192-page hardback book . . .



















Client: Decca Records / UMG