The Who – Who’s Next | Life House Super Deluxe Edition

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Who’s legendary album Who’s Next, this year I designed a whopping Super Deluxe Edition box set called Who’s Next | Life House, consisting of 10 CDs and a Blu-ray audio disc, including two CDs of Pete Townshend’s unreleased demos of his aborted sci-fi concept album Life House which manifested into Who’s Next.

Housed in a hard slipcase, the box set includes a 100-page book of rare and unseen photos and an intro and sleeve notes by Pete Townshend, essays and sleeve notes by Matt Kent, Andy Neill, Steven Wilson and Richard Whittaker, a 172-page graphic novel of Life House, two folders holding the 11 discs in their individual record sleeves, and a wallet containing reproductions of tour posters, tour programmes, photos and badges. This is the most comprehensive and lavish box set that I’ve worked on since The Who Sell Out Super Deluxe or the Louis Armstrong box set that I designed in 2011.

Featuring Ethan Russell’s iconic album cover shot of the band having a pee on a concrete monolith at a coal waste slag heap just south of Sheffield, the box set showcases some of The Who’s most exciting and legendary music from the period.  Like a lot of the projects I do for the band, it was a particular joy to work on this project. The anniversary editions also include remastered vinyl LPs of Who’s Next in various formats – 4-LP, 3-LP, picture disc, coloured vinyl etc and a 1-CD and 2-CD edition.

Who’s Next | Life House is released by Polydor Records and is out now.


The ten CDs and the Blu-ray disc with their respective sleeves.

CD 1: The original Who’s Next album
CD 2: Pete Townshend’s Life House Demos 1970-71 – Part 1
CD 3: Pete Townshend’s Life House Demos 1970-71 – Part 2
CD 4: The Record Plant, New York Sessions – March 1971
CD 5: The Olympic Studios London Sessions 1970-1972
CD 6: Singles & Sessions 1970 – 1972
CD 7: Live at the Young Vic, London 1971 – Part 1
CD 8: Live at the Young Vic, London 1971 – Part 2
CD 9: Live at the Civic Auditorium, San Francisco 1971 – Part 1
CD 10: Live at the Civic Auditorium, San Francisco 1971 – Part 2
Disc 11: Blue-ray audio: The original Who’s Next album & bonus tracks in Dolby Atmos and HD 5.1

Client: Polydor Records / UMG / UMe